About me

I am a conceptual artist, a graphic and web designer, an expressive arts facilitator and I manage an art program in Los Angeles, CA.

My current project is called Doorways Art Show, which started as a gallery show in 2015 and continues as a curated series of photographs living on social media. This project continues through my own exploration of the doorway as a form of expression, and also through the eyes of others via interviews and photography.

My professional experience includes web and graphic design, photography and video editing, design and management of a large scale art project, Case Management, Non-profit management and programming, and teaching art to many different populations including troubled teens and mentally challenged grown ups. I also sit on the board of Art Walk Inc., a non-profit dedicated to encouraging and supporting the sacred way of artists.

My passion and drive stem from the belief that creative expression is a healing force and I strives to provide individuals and groups the invitation and space to find empowerment through creative experiences. I am always looking for projects that require creativity and revolve around working with people to promote healing.

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